New Global Warming Report Released

Global Warming
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A report released Friday by the United Nations on global warming contains a warning for many continents.

The new report is urging the world to start acting now, before it's too late.

"It's hotter in the summer, there's a lot more drought," said one Colorado Springs resident.

Everyone seems to have their own theory about the effects global warming is having on Earth.

"I think it's terribly serious," said another resident.

And many scientists agree that a new UN report paints a grim picture of what lies ahead if we don't start making some changes.

"Don't be poor in a hot country. Don't live in hurricane alley. Watch out about being on the coasts or in the arctic," said Steve Schneider, who was one of the authors of the study.

Because according to the report, more heat and more drought is in the forecast. All caused by the diminished mountain snow-pack that global warming is predicted to bring. Combine that with more flooding in low lying areas and a greater risk of forest fires.

The Bush Administration says even though they felt the report accurately represented the scientific data, the White House isn't ready to call for change, and instead it wants more research. But environmental groups like Greenpeace argue that now is the time for action.

"The research is out there. Science and common sense tell us that global warming is happening. The report confirms this. Its what we have been saying for years. And the time to act is now," said Steve Smith from Greenpeace.

And so it appears that what used to be a scientific argument is now in fact a political one.

The new report was agreed to after an all-night negotiation session involving representatives from over 100-governments.