Cosmix Construction Complaints

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A car driving through a Cosmix construction zone gets covered with liquid concrete residue.

It happened on Mark Dabbling Boulevard near Garden of the Gods.

David Banks says he was driving through an underpass Monday morning when all of a sudden a curtain of water came crashing down onto his car.

He thought it was just water. But when he got home, his car was covered with spots of cement.

Banks says he spent hours cleaning up the mess.

Bill Badger, Cosmix's spokesperson says crews had been pouring concrete that morning and were spraying water on it to keep it from drying too quickly.

Cosmix officials say if it were up to them, they would have closed the street all together but the city decided to leave the road open.

Banks admits he's happy with Cosmix's work but believes his car should have never been splattered with cement residue.

Badger says Cosmix's insurance company will decide how to compensate banks.

Badger also says they get about 3 complaints a month from drivers. Mostly having to do with potholes or rocks causing broken wind shields.