Ft. Carson Doing Night Training

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Fort Carson officials don't want you to be alarmed. The blasts and explosions you may hear at night are just some practice.

Army officials are asking for patience.

Shawn Onder's dogs can give him quite a walk. They can also keep him up at night in his neighborhood east of Powers Boulevard.

"I didn't notice anything personally, but they sure did," said Shawn Thursday.

It could have been what they heard that did the trick.

"I did hear some explosions in the background," Shawn said.

"What they're hearing are some M1 Tanks, M 109 Howitzers, some Bradley fighting gunnery as well," said MAJ Mike Humphreys with Ft. Carson’s 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team.

Humphreys says the noise is part of preparing for another trip to Iraq.

3rd HBCT soldiers use tanks like these on the battlefield. Gunnery training lets them practice before going through the real thing, and action can come at any time.

"I certainly can understand why at night it could be even more of a nuisance I suppose, but part of our mission is to be able to conduct operations at night," said Humphreys.

The training is to help soldiers do their jobs as safely as possible, and noise is part of training.

But commanders say quiet will return to the mountain post.

"We appreciate the understanding and support and continued patience as we complete this exercise. It will be over soon," Humphreys said.

The gunnery exercise will be complete by April 27th. Operations will take place during the day and a few nights in the meantime.

The 3rd HBCT will then take a trip off post for further practice at the national training center in California.