Chain Gangs Cleaning Up

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At night, they're behind bars. During the day, some Pueblo County inmates are on the streets, cleaning up the community and saving the county money.

The chain gangs have been working in Pueblo for three years now. They walks the streets chained together in groups of five, picking up trash, old tires, and broken tree branches. In exchange, the earn time off their sentences, called "good time." For each month an inmate works, he gets 13 days off his sentence.

Women can also volunteer to work. The only difference is, they are misdemeanor offenders and they're not chained together. But, like the male inmates, they look forward to spending time outside.

The inmates work an average of eight hours a day, four days a week.

Last summer, they worked more than 13,000 hours and removed 116 tons of trash throughout Pueblo County. Additionally, they saved the county nearly $94,000 based on an average $7.00/ hour they would have paid someone to do the work.