State Gets High Rank for Preventing Fraud

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A new report released by George Washington University shows Colorado is tougher than many other states when issuing driver's licenses. It's that toughness that's earned the state and "A" on preventing fraudalant licenses from falling into the hands of criminals and terrorists.

The GWU study looked into how well state systems screen for fraudulent applications. Many U.S. states received a "C" or lower. A few received "F"'s: Alaska, Michigan, Oregon and Wisconsin.

States were graded on four criteria:
1. Having social security verifications systems
2. Having to show legal residency
3. Making sure license expiration dates match visa expiration dates
4. Having a fingerprinting system

Colorado has all four.

With more than half of the 50 states have holes in their issuing systems, there has been some talk of developing a national identification card.

Some say, that's not the answer. Instead, says one of the professors who conducted the study, the states who failed need to toughen their systems.