Columbine Anniversary

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Security was stepped up at Columbine High School Monday, one day before the fifth anniversary of the country's worst school shooting in history. Aside from that the only hint of Tuesday's anniversary is a
sign in front of the school, reading "A Time to Remember, A Time
to Hope.''

On April 20th, 1999, that Columbine seniors Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold attacked the school, killing 12 students and a teacher before killing themselves.

No classes will be held at Columbine Tuesday to mark the anniversary.

The shootings forever changed the face of high school security in America. In Colorado Springs, school districts now have crisis teams in place in the event the unthinkable happens again.

Now, schools have armed patrol officers, and tighter security all around.
The students say, they feel safe.

At Palmer High School in District 11, students say the Columbine tragedy is in the past, but the evidence of what it changed is all around. The school has police officers patrolling the grounds and more than 250 security cameras throughout its middle and high schools watching over what the cops cannot. Another key difference is how threats are handled. School officials say all threats are taken seriously and thoroughly investigated. D-11 officials also say they are doing everything possible to prevent bullying. The district has also added a direct link with Colorado Springs Police in the event there is an emergency.