Some Colorado Springs Gas Stations Short on Fuel

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Filling up is supposed to be a one-stop shop.

"This is my second!" said Tom Miller as he gassed up after moving to a second gas station.

But around town drivers are finding apologies at the gas...and that patience is drying up.

"You stop somewhere, they don't have any gas you gotta go somewhere else," said Nicole, a Colorado Springs resident.

The frustration doesn't stop there.

"We're out of something every day," said Shell Manager Nicole Wickes.

Managers like Wickes are watching business drive away over something she can't control: the product simply isn't getting to her pumps.

"When you don't have lines at full speed, you can't keep up with demand," she said.

The problem, she says is coming from out of state. A major gas supplier to Colorado Springs’ vendors out of Texas is recovering from a fire. The resulting shortage in output leaves local stations high and dry.

"When something happens to one of the lines, some small incident, nobody really hears about it, but it causes this big old problem," said Wickes.

And this problem gets more interesting with a glance at the bottom line.

"It's freaking me out with the price!" said Miller.

Wickes says the price will likely go up on the limited supply there is, so consumers can expect to pay more for gas if they can find it in the first place.

Officials with AAA Colorado also attribute some spotty shortages in our area to the time of the year. Refineries are switching from winter blend fuels to summer blends, which still may cause a few shortages while fuel supplies are extremely tight.

Officials expect the situation to balance out in the coming weeks.