Lionel Rivera Wins Second Term; Bernie Herpin Defeated

Less than 40 percent of registered voters cast a ballot in the Colorado Springs Municipal Election, Tuesday, which put mayor Lionel Rivera in a race to keep his spot at the head of city council.

Four out of five ballot measures passed, but with the exception of one, the city council will look much the same.

The final push to make the voting deadline was anything but quiet.

"So many people are passing by and dropping off their's a good thing we're really happy about it," said City Clerk Kathryn Young.

Those who didn't mail their ballots in dropped them off. By final tally a 38% turnout by voters made the final call.

"I'm excited to get back into office," said re-elected mayor Lionel Rivera.

Looking forward Rivera counts the city's top priorities as public safety, roads and establishing a reliable water source. Rivera is setting his eyes on completing the southern water delivery system by 2013 a project in front of him from the time he took office four years ago.

"That was a long time ago, four years in that election, but now it's right around the corner and we need to continue to work diligently. I think we're on schedule, we need to get it permitted and under construction by the time I leave office in 2011," Rivera said.

The new face to the council will be Jan Martin.

Randy Purvis, Tom Gallagher and Larry Small will return, but Martin will replace Bernie Herpin as council member at large.

"She brings good small business sense to the council. I think that will be a plus," Rivera said.

Also getting voter approval, the position of mayor will officially be limited to two terms

Porchlight, a cable provider will also operate in the springs and council members will not get a raise to their yearly stipend of $6,250.