Pueblo Water Restrictions

Saving Water
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Pueblo has become the latest community to issue water restrictions.
They start Monday.
The city's Board of Water Works has adopted the new restrictions, because the Arkansas River is at an all time low.
These are the first water restrictions for the city in 40 years.
The watering schedule for homes and businesses is as follows:

-Addresses ending in odd numbers: Monday and Friday
-Addresses ending in 0, 2, or 4: Wednesday and Saturday
-Addresses ending in 6 or 8: Thursday and Sunday
-No watering on Tuesdays

Homes and businesses should only water between 7 pm and 7am. If you are caught in a water violation, you'll get a warning the first time. The second time, your fine will be $50 dollars; the third, $100. And if you're caught a fourth time, you could lose your outdoor water rights all together.