Mental Patient Still Missing

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44 Year old Anthony Tyrone Jones is still missing. Jones escaped from the Colorado Mental Health Institute in Pueblo Saturday morning.

Jones, along with three other patients and two staff members were walking along 17Th street in Pueblo when he literally darted away.

This is the second time he has broken free.

In 2005, Jones walked away from the hospital while outside on a smoke break. Jones was discovered four months later at a local night club in Pueblo.

Jones has been confined to the hospital since 1988. His criminal background includes, burglary, aggravated vehicle theft and stabbing a fellow prison inmate. Jones told police a genie made him do it.

The hospital's superintendent, John DeQuardo says, the reason they give their patients so much freedom is because it's their responsibility to try and integrate patients back into the community.

Plus, patients are rewarded with outdoor time for good behavior.

DeQuardo says Jones' mental state and behavior is not different now that he hasn't had his medication in a few days.

Pueblo's District Attorney Bill Thiebaut says Jones isn't the only one who has gotten away before.

Several patients in the past have abused their outdoor privileges.

If Jones leaves Colorado he could face felony charges and wind up in jail instead of back at the hospital.