Families Salvage What's Left After Ft. Carson Fire

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Residents who lost nearly everything Sunday night in a fire that torched a Fort Carson four-plex were able to go back Monday to salvage what's left.

Two units in the four-plex were completely destroyed.

One resident, Laura Gomez brought out anything she could Monday afternoon.

“My flowers survived and we have some photos,” said Gomez.

Photos, she says are most important.

“You can't go back in time, so photos are your only chance.”

Last night the Gomez’s apartment along with three others went up in flames.

Gomez ran outside with her husband, Jason, and eight-year-old son, Ashton.

Once outside they say there was an enormous amount of support.

“People I didn't know, people I knew, I mean everyone's helping.”

Fort Carson officials say they still don't know what caused the fire and the investigation could take weeks.