Fire Fighters Salvage Items from Castle West Apartments

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Nearly 3 months after fire ripped through the Castle West Apartments, fire fighters were finally allowed inside the building, to salvage some of what was left. Crews collected several items including birth certificates, photographs, jewelry and paperwork. The salvaged belongings were boxed up and left inside the apartment building for a private contractor to begin decontaminating next week. The items should be returned to their owners later this month.

Fire fighters sifted through 36 apartments, including the one Shandi Moses used to live in. Moses was among dozens of displaced residents who submitted their names and a list of items for fire fighters to look for.

"My goal is to get back my pictures," said Moses. "My dad died 24 years ago, so my pictures mean a lot."

Crews only sifted through the rubble in apartments safe enough to enter, and only for things that could be decontaminated. Fire officials say items such as electronics, clothing and stuffed animals are not salvageable.

Fire fighters will continue searching apartments Monday through Wednesday. Castle West Fire victims who would like to have fire fighters look through their apartment, can submit a request by calling 385-5950.