Holly Tornado Forces Rancher To Sell

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While most tornado victims in Holly are dealing with the loss of their homes, one family is dealing with the loss of livelihood.

In the 30 years Bill Lowe has been a cattle rancher in Holly, his feed lot has never suffered a blow quite like this one.

“There was dead calves, wounded cows with two by fours in their side,” said Lowe.

“The whole west end of the feed lot was completely gone,” said Lowe’s son-in-law Benny Kennedy.

And it was the only feed lot in Prowers County to be damaged by the tornado, 52 cows were killed bringing the total number to around 300 this year alone.

“It’s because of the loss we suffered from the tornado and the blizzard,” said Lowe.

A tremendous loss of life for a small feed lot that could end up costing the Lowe family nearly 700-thousand dollars.

“We are through, we've already made up our mind, we're going to sale,” said Lowe.

Because the income is just not enough to cover all the expenses.

“It will be terrible to walk away,” Lowe said.

And leave behind memories of three generations of ranching, the only way of life this family has ever known.