Brother of Tornado Victim Speaks Out

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The brother of one tornado vicitm says his brother is finally able to grasp exactly what happened Wednesday night.

Gustavo Puga’s wife died in the Holly tornado.

Oscar Puga says his brother is now able to speak about what he’s been through.

“Just to see him grab her hand and ask her to wake up, and to sit there and yell at her and say I need you, you can't leave me,” said Oscar Puga.

Oscar remembers what it was like to see his brother, as his wife died by his side.

“He would look over at her and ask her to wake up, and he kept telling her he needed her.”

Friday was the first time Gustavo was able to talk to his brother about what he'd been through; Oscar says he's still trying to deal with the loss of his wife Rosemary.

“Just like any of us that have someone special in our lives, you have those dreams and those hopes with that perosn, and he just doesn't know what to do.”

And he has two young kids, the couples 3-year-old daughter Noelia remains at Memorial Hospital with a skull fracture.

Gustavo's son Gus Jr. is with Oscar's wife in Greeley, she had to break the news of his mother's death just yesterday.

“He said she's an angel right? Is she beautiful? Does she have cuts and stuff? And she says no, when you're angel you don't have all that stuff, but she's beautiful right?” Said Puga.

Doctors say Gustavo could be released from the hospital Saturday or Sunday.