Barnett Speaks to CU Panel

Colorado Buffaloes
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Suspended University of Colorado football coach Gary Barnett says there's no question that misbehavior occurred at the 2001 party at the center of rape allegations against some of his players.

Barnett appeared for the first time Tuesday morning in front of the panel investigating C.U.'s football recruiting practices. He said there were ten people at the 2001 off-campus party. And he said, there's no question the behavior of some of the young people attending the party was the result of poor judgement and the consumption of alcohol. But, Barnett says neither he nor any of his assistants ever condoned or encouraged the use of sex or alcohol to recruit football players.

Three women have come forward and claimed to have been sexually assaulted either at the party, or shortly thereafter. They are suing the university in federal court. Barnett told the panel Tuesday, his investigation shows four recruits had sex with the alleged victims, but no C.U. players did.

A total of ten women claim they were raped by football players or recruits since 1997.

The investigative panel is expected to issue a report by the end of the month.