Gold Camp Road Plans

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It's been about sixteen years since tunnel number three along the Gold Camp Road collapsed. Since then the eight and a half mile stretch of road has been closed to vehicles, but not to hikers, bikers, and motorcyclists.

On Monday, the Forest Service announced it will study the environmental impact of fixing the tunnel. Then, officials say it will be up to the public to decide if it will be reopened to cars.

Some people who use the trail regularly say they worry reopening it to cars and trucks will hurt the beauty of the trail they love by littering it with trash and noise.

But, some say the tunnel must be fixed. Frank Landis says Gold Camp Road must be reopened, partly because it's on teh national register of historic places since it was originally a standard gauge rail road track.

Now, Congress has earmarked $250,000 to pay for the enviromental impact study. Officials say it will take almost a year and a half to complete.

This is the second attempt by officials to figure out what to do with the road. The Forest Service says they want to make sure it's turned into something the public will like.

You're invited to voice your opinion at the first open house, scheduled for Thursday, May 6th at Cheyenne Mountain High School.

Go to our "as seen on KKTV" link for the open house schedule or to email your comments.