Eckerd Stores to Close

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Less than two months after opening three new stores in Southern Colorado, Eckerd Drug stores are closing their doors. Parent company J.C. Penney sold the chain Monday for more than $4.5 billion in cash to in cash to CVS and to Canada's Jean Coutu Group.

Eckerd Drugs has a total of nine stores in the state, with two in Pueblo and one in Colorado Springs. Another branch in the Springs was due to open soon. But workers have stopped the construction.

"I was really shocked. It just opened. I come here all the time." Vanessa Valdez used to shop at Walgreens, but just switched to the Eeckerd at 4th Street and Abriendo in Pueblo. "It's really convenient for me."

The other new Eckerd is located on Highway 50 in Pueblo West. But many people haven't even had time to check them out.

“Coupons came out for discounts on different merchandise and I haven't even been inside to look around." Donna Paulsen walks past Eckerd almost everyday. She remembers watching construction workers build it just a few months ago. "I watched them paint the ground, make the parking lot, make the building... I'm surprised."

On average, about 15 people work at each Eckerd Drug store. No word from the company on when the stores will shut their doors.