Avoiding Bear "Encounters"

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It's about time for bears to start waking up again. The Colorado Division of Wildlife has already received a few calls about sightings.

According to the DOW’s Michael Seraphin, bears typically come out of their dens by mid-April. He says sometimes this early, they'll just stretch and go back inside. But that mainly depends on food availability.

This year Seraphin predicts there should be ample forage for the bears, if we get moisture in the next few weeks. If not, the animals might start searching closer to residential areas. That was the case two years ago, when there were many bear “encounters” in Colorado Springs. "The bears are gonna look for alternative food sources and that's when they have more potential to be around humans---looking for trash or bird feeders," says Seraphin.

He also says it's not too early to think about bear-proofing your home. Seraphin offers these tips:

  • Put your trashcan out the morning of garbage pickup, instead of the night before.
  • Take down bird feeders at night.
  • Clean up and store outdoor grills after every use.