Body Identified as Missing Colorado Springs Woman

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A body found over the weekend in El Paso County has been identified as that of a missing Colorado Springs woman. And police believe they know who killed her.

Patricia Neely's family reported her missing on November 18th, 2003. A few days later, her car was located near the intersection of Fountain and Union. And in early December, some items from her purse were found behind the Kohl’s store on Executive Circle.

On Saturday afternoon, some people who were 4-wheeling off Highway 85/87 found the body in a drainage ditch. Police believe it had been there for at least four months.

On Monday, the El Paso County corner's office identified the body found Saturday afternoon as that of Neely. The coroner said the 76-year old woman was killed.

Colorado Springs police would not identify who killed Neely, but a spokesperson says the person knew her, for a time. They identified him as a suspect shortly after she disappeared in November. But since then, the man has died. Now police are waiting for DNA test results to make sure their suspect is the killer.