Handicapped-Accessible Buses

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Springs Transit is running into a bit of a bumpy stretch of road. Some people claim the handicap-accessibility features aren't working right. In fact, many say that the lifts on the buses aren't working properly, and sometimes, not at all.

This is a big enough problem that now the City Council is getting involved. Vice-Mayor Richard Skorman was pretty concerned when hear heard that many of the handicap lifts are not functioning.

Over the weekend, a bus traveling down Cascade could not pick up a woman in a wheelchair because the lift wasn't working correctly. But according to Springs Transit, this isn't the first or the last time these handicap lifts are going to malfunction.

Thousands depend on the city buses to get them around town. Becky Kelly is one of them. In the three and a half years she's used the buses, Kelly sees a recurring problem. "The driver was putting out the ramp and it wouldn't come out."

A sticker indicates that these buses are handicap-accessible---equipped with a wheelchair lift. But on Saturday Kelly says she rode on three different buses and all of them had problems with the ramps. "It's frustrating for drivers, the passengers and the handi-capable people that ride on the transit system."

Vice-Mayor Richard Skorman addressed the issue today with Springs Transit. But officials with the bus company say trouble with the lifts is not unusual. "They're looked at daily for any problems like stress fractures and anything that would make them not deploy," says Sherre Ritenhour. "Sometimes, they stop working for unexplained reasons."

But for Kelly, that answer simply isn't good enough. "They've got to realize, so many of us rely on this for our livelihood. I rely on it for every facet of my life."

The bus drivers are supposed to check their buses daily before they leave on their routes. Springs Transit officials apologize for any inconvenience and says they are going to look into the matter.