Fight of Their Lives

AFAT Iraq Flag

The last time Iraq had a wrestling team in the Olympics was in the 1988 Seoul games. Now, the chance is here for two wrestlers to train with the best and make it to this year's games in Greece. But for the wrestlers, the road to get here wasn't an easy one.

Muhammed Mohammed and Ali Salman say being in America opens the door for so many oppotunities.

"The training rooms in Iraq not well-equiped... lack of a lot of things."

But through the enthusiasm lies a dark past. Iraqi athletes have known pain like no other athletes have ever since Saddam Hussein's son, Uday, took over Iraq's olympic commitee. Allegations say he tortured and beat Olympians who performed poorly... something the 2 wrestlers experienced for themselves.

"That's true. The ones who would lose, torture and imprisonment."

But that's behind them now. They, now, start a new hold on their lives... one with freedom, a love for their sport, and maybe... just maybe, a gold medal.