Qwest Fraud Case

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The government has wrapped up its fraud case against four former Qwest executives, saying they improperly booked nearly 34 (m) million dollars in 2001 revenue.

Assistant U-S Attorney William Taylor detailed allegedly false documents for the jury in his closing argument today.

Taylor said the documents were purposely designed to accomplish a financial conspiracy and to fool auditors and the F-B-I.

He said the defendants were motivated by a desire to get substantial bonuses and by a culture at Qwest that made i imperative to meet revenue targets.

Defense attorneys will make their closing arguments later today.

Grant Graham, Thomas Hall, Bryan Treadway and John Walker are accused of booking the revenue as part of a 100 (m) million dollar
deal to link Arizona's public schools to the Internet.

Prosecutors say they tried to book the revenue for equipment that wasn't purchased yet, then lied about it to auditors and regulators.

Each defendant faces 11 charges, including fraud and conspiracy.