Picnic Rock Wildfire

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Fire officials are now strongly urging residents of the Bonner Peak subdivision to evacuate in the face of a wildfire being driven by gusts of wind reaching up to 40 miles anhour.

The subdivision about 13 miles northwest of Fort Collins is being threatened by the Picnic Rock fire.

Fire information officer Rich Winston says evacuation is -- quote -- "highly suggested'' for the safety of firefighters and residents. There are about 80 homes affected.

Winston did not have an estimate on the size of the fire. The fire was last reported to be about two thousand acres.

Winston says two heavy tankers and two helicopters are attacking the fire from the air and more than 80 firefighters are on the ground.

Fire information officer John Bustos says a daytime shelter has been set up in Laporte Presbyterian Church in Laporte for evacuees.

He says a nighttime shelter will be set up at Cache La Poudre junior high school, also in Laporte.