Fort Carson Troops Get A Huge Donation

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A huge donation is now heading overseas to Fort Carson troops recovering after an attack earlier this month. This huge donation could not have been possible without local and national support that started from the American Legion's blog.

Eight Fort Carson soldiers died earlier this month after an attack on their outpost in Afghanistan.

Now, for the soldiers still over there, they are surviving with little more than the clothes on their back. After word spread that the soldiers were in need of supplies a nationwide fundraiser was started and some of the donations were bought in Colorado Springs.

It's not black Friday yet but it sure felt like it Saturday morning at the Colorado Springs Super Target off Powers Boulevard.

The mad rush of volunteers are supporting the troops overseas. "I think this is great to see how people stepped up and contributed to help out our soldiers overseas, especially the soldiers that lost everything, luckily most of them survived," says Babette Souter. Her husband is one of the lucky ones who survived.

Just a few weeks ago, more than 50 Fort Carson soldiers escaped with their lives after an attack. "He describes the battle as being fever pitched and they virtually left the outpost with nothing but uniforms and weapons," says Scott Reibel.

Luann Williams tearfully describes why she came all the way from Craig, Colorado. "We are just here to support the troops, and their families, and that's what we are doing," says Williams.

Something so little as a DVD or video game can do wonders for the soldiers. "You just don't understand how much it can improve a soldier's morale. Just over some electronics, and to be able to link up and play video games with each other after a long hard mission," says Greg Archer. He just returned from Mosul earlier this year.

And the mission was short in time. "This all came together in 4 days," says Williams. But it had a big goal. "In just a matter of days $100,000 was raised," says Williams. And all that money came from donations across America.

After the shopping spree at Target, it was off to the American Post Legion to pack up the boxes. At first $50,000 was raised. Then, Target stores matched that donation to get it to the $100,000 mark.

And more donations are on the way, as a Connecticut computer company is donating a laptop to every soldier that survived the attack.