Suspect Killed After Police Chase

Officer Involved Shooting
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It began as a car chase. It ended with one man dead and two officers on administrative leave. Around 1:00 Thursday morning, a Colorado Springs police officer tried to pull over two people in a stolen Dodge Durango. That was near the intersection of King Street and Crown Ridge Drive.

The driver, 18-year-old Delonna Dorrance, surrendered. She faces drug and car theft charges. But her passenger, 27-year-old Jody Balentine, jumped in the drivers seat and took off.

Police chased the SUV all the way to Fillmore and Cascade, then they stopped the pursuit because of the dangerous speed. Officers found the Durango again in a neighborhood just southwest of there.

But Balentine would not surrender. Police say he ran through yards and jumped fences. At one point, the officers turned a corner between a shed and a house and came under fire. One of the officer returned fire, and Balentine was killed.

Now the two officers involved are on paid administrative leave, partly because it's a traumatic experience. "It is standard practice to put the officer on paid administrative leave to make sure mentally and physically he is going to be able to come back to work," says Lt. Raphael Cintron.

KKTV 11 News has found out Balentine has a history with the police. He's been arrested not only for several meth labs, but also for kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon.