St. Patrick's Day Traditions

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There is much more to the Irish holiday than just green beer, corned beef and shamrocks.

For hundreds of years in Ireland, people celebrated the religious holiday by simply going to church.

Saint Patrick was a bishop, a shepard and he spread christianity to Ireland in the fifth century.

He used the three leaf shamrock to illustrate the concept of the trinity, the father, the son and the holy spirit.

Irish immigrants brought their traditions to america and somehow St. Patrick's day morphed into a secular celebration of their heritage.

Now's it's all about green beer, big parties and it doesn't matter if you're irish"

At Jack Quinn's Irish pub in downtown Colorado Springs, the meaning behind St. Patrick's day has been lost for some.

"Do you know much about the holiday?
"Not anymore. You get old and forget things".
"I couldn't tell you if the story of his chasing snakes out of ireland is true or not. Who knows exactly"?

A few others still remember.

"He spread Christianity to Ireland. He's a saint".

Only recently did Ireland begin celebrating St. Patrick's day in a more secular way. This year the city of Dublin is holding a week long St. Patrick's Day festival.