911 Tapes from Accidental Shooting

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Colorado Springs police release the 911 tapes from an accidental shooting which left a 12 year old boy middle school student dead.

More than four days have passed since 13 year old John Stapp
died... after being shot in the chest at his Rockrimmon home.

His 14-year-old sister has been charged with illegal possession of a handgun.

Now, there are more questions than answers.

Where did she get the gun? Was the shooting an accident?

It was 5:11p.m. on Thursday afternoon in a quiet Rockrimmon neighborhood when a frantic call came in to 911 from the stapp home...

"What's the problem tell me exactly what happened."

"I just shot my little brother."

"What were you guys doing?"

"We were playing around with my dad's gun. We were even warned about this."

"We were about to play a game and we were looking at the gun."

"I was just messing around with it."

Accidental shootings happen all to often in the U.S.,

In the year 2000, one hundred kids in the under the age of 14 were killed when a gun accidentally discharged

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