Drought Drying Out Homes

The Colorado drought is drying up more than just the forest. It's also drying up people's homes. Firefighters say wooden decks and side paneling are extremely dry and can easily go up in flames if you're not careful with cigarettes or grills.

It's so dry firefighters say there's a 99% chance of embers or sparks igniting another fire. That's up from a normal 20%.

Firefighters say, on Saturday, a turkey roaster sparked a fire on the dry wooden deck at a home in Briargate. The fire quickly spread and destroyed the home.

Jim Schanel with the springs fire department says even a barbecue grill can ignite the wood if you're not careful. Schanel also says that fires have sparked on decks where people put out their cigarettes in outside planters.

Firefighters say pretty much the only thing you can do is be careful grilling and smoking, especially on decks. Put your cigarettes out in a tin can filled with sand, or even better, a glass of water.