C.U. Student Rally

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About 200 people gathered in Boulder Monday for a rally organized by a student group called Students Advocating for Fair and Equal Treatment, or Safe-T. It's in response to the recent accusations of sexual assault and sex parties being used to recruit football players.

The group wants two members of the independent investigative commission, appointed to look into the allegations, kicked off the panel. They also want a sexual assault expert added.

They say it isn’t a witch hunt, but instead a day to unite for a safe campus. The crowd is calling for the removal of investigative commission co-chair, Joyce Lawrence, and member Bishop Phillip Porter. Speakers quote Joyce as asking why ladies put themselves in danger by going to recruit parties. The group says that’s blatant victim blaming. In addition, they believe Porter is biased because he helped lead a religious movement launched by former C.U. football coach Bill McCartney.

Some advocates bashed C.U.’s suspended head coach, Gary Barnett, for his comments about one alleged victim’s, player Katie Hnida's, athletic ability. Last week he said Hnida was not only a girl, but a terrible player.

The group rallying says C.U. has a chance to make a change and stop, what they’re calling, the hostile and insensitive environment towards victims.

Meanwhile, the investigative commission announced Monday, they will set up a tip line and hire an Administrative Director to help with the investigation. Their findings are due back to C.U. in late April.