Theft Ring Reclaiming

Theft Ring
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Some property owners now have their stolen belongings back.

Police had half a million dollars worth of stolen goods in their hands, but
Monday there was an open house opportunity for owners to come and claim their things.

However, police were only able to return half of the stolen items to their rightful owners. Even though the open house lasted the entire day, many things still remain unclaimed.

Many came to rummage through sites first thing this morning. Sergeant Robert McDonald of the El Paso County Sheriff's Office says, “This morning about 10:00 we had a line that stretched around the building with 85 people or so waiting.” People were hoping to find their stolen items, but many left frustrated. One searcher, Alan Baldwin, says, “The things that are yours are no longer.” While many sifted through the stuff, it was hit and miss for some. “You feel like you've been ripped off,” says Bob Shepard, who found his stolen motorcycles. Some, however, were not so lucky. “I was hoping we'd find the trailer and tools,” says Rob Weiss. Amongst the chaos, there were few successful lost and found stories.

Besides finding their stolen items, some people are finding a piece of their lives again. Police say they might hold another open house, since many of the items remain unclaimed.