Rape Victims' Advocate Speaks Out

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A rape victim-turned-activist is speaking out against the University of Colorado and how the school is handling allegations of sexual abuse and rape involving the football team.

Katherine Redmond filed rape charges against a football player at the University of Nebraska when she was a student there in the 1990's. After she settled out of court with the university, she founded the National Coalition Against Violent Athletes. And she's made it her life to educate the public about violence and sports.

From her own experience, Kathy Redmond says the university culture across the country protects athletes and vilifies the victim. The University of Colorado is under a microscope now, but she says athletes, violence and cover-ups are problems everywhere. "Police-athlete liaisons are at every school. Recruiting parties are at every school. Every school has procedures and people in place to make sure that allegations and reports like these never see the light of day."

Redmond says CU should now clean house from top to bottom. That includes president Elizabeth Hoffman. "She should be gone. This is a woman who called the allegations in 2001 ‘troubling.’ She basically relegated herself to being a six-figure fundraiser at that school and put her students in harms way."

Independent investigators are now looking at the CU football team and the athletic program. "We want to understand if this is a pervasive aspect of our athletic department and football program or whether these are isolated incidents," says Hoffman. And she does acknowledge something has to be done.

But Redmond says this is an issue that every school administrator should be following. "I don't think any university has been diligent enough yet. We obviously need to make some changes. Every university needs to make changes."

CU football coach Gary Barnett is on administrative leave with pay for now. President Hoffman says he can save his job if he can prove his program is not hostile to women.