Black Ice Causes 50 Car Pile-Up On I-25

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It's been a dangerous day for drivers all over Colorado. Black ice to blame for a number of accidents.

One person is still in the hospital from 50 car pile-up on I-25 that happened early Saturday morning in Colorado Springs. Police say the one person who was critically injured has since been upgraded to serious condition.

The big pile-up happened at around 6 a.m. near the South Nevada/Tejon Exit. Authorities say that section of I-25 was shut down until around 9 a.m. when clean-up was complete. But during that time, the entire area was an utter mess. The interstate was littered with 50 mangled vehicles. "It's been a heck of a morning," said Colorado Springs Police Lt. David Whitlock.

"Boom, boom and that's it," said Paulo Reza who was involved in the 50 car pile-up.

Witnesses and victims say it happened very fast and with little warning. "They were playing bumper cars behind me like crazy," said Bob Carr who was somehow able to avoid getting hit.

Dozens of wrecked cars were facing in every which direction in a heap of mangled metal and shattered glass. "Black ice in these kind of freezing conditions is going to cause you to crash," said Lt. Whitlock.

Several people were hurt bad enough that they needed to be taken to the hospital. Everyone else considers themselves very lucky. "This is my near life, my second life. I don't know," said Reza. "I got into a hole here where we were safe and didn't get my vehicle all torn up," said Carr.

Reza also said he only has liability insurance on his car which was totaled in the pile-up. He says, now he'll need to buy a new car. "I don't know when or how, but I need it," said Reza.

Police are still continuing to dispatch those warnings. "It's only going to get colder and that's only going to exacerbate the road condition hazard. It's not going to get better folks, not until the sun comes out," said Lt. Whitlock.

Authorities say for now please don't drive if you don't have to. Police say they're also still on cold reporting. So, if you get into an accident that doesn't involve drugs, alcohol or injuries just exchange information and file a report at your local police station within three days.