Economic Impact of Soldiers Returning

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The Economic Development Corporation says the soldiers account for about 40 percent of the total amount of money spent in Colorado Springs, and it's money badly needed. Manager Candi Humpal of Cheyenne Canyon Cleaners says she's been hanging an extra 20 to 30 fatigues per week, ever since Fort Carson soldiers started returning.

Manager James Kim of Montana Liquors is expecting 10 to 20 percent more cases of beer and bottles of wine to come off the shelves. He says, "We're very excited for them to come back... looking forward to it."

Troops from Fort Carson spend a lot of cash in Colorado Springs, and that’s valuable money to local businesses. A lot of people in the community benefit from that income. Now that they're returning from war, they could be bringing putting more than $310 million back into the city's economy. That's about a 2 percent increase in total income. As that money returns to the community and the soldiers start spending it locally again, it's going to be a big boost for the economy.

The return could also bring back more than 13 thousand jobs lost when the soldiers were deployed last March. It's a good turn of events for businesses in the Fort Carson area, who have had a difficult time since the troops left home.