Mountain Lions on the Prowl

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Mountain lions are on the prowl in a Colorado Springs neighborhood.

A male lion, a female and three cubs have been sighted over and over again in the exclusive Broadmoor Community Resort, located just below the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. People who live in the area are being urged to take precautions because the mountain lions are looking for food. So far, the big cats have killed three pets in this neighborhood and several others nearby.

The Broadmoor Community Resort lies in the shadow of Cheyenne Mountain. It's also home to mountain lions. "My mountain lion was pacing from that tree to that tree, just back and forth, back and forth," says Doug Zwach, a Broadmoor Resort resident. On a snowy morning, he saw the couger in his front yard. "From nose to end of tail, I'd say eight feet." Swach has encountered mountain lions in the back country and says they normally shy away from humans, but this one didn't show any fear. "I saw her go over the ridge and I thought.. she's gone,” says Swach. “But she came back about 12 hours later, and killed two pets next door." The couger took a small dog and a cat.

Residents have seen the cougar and her three cubs crossing a neighborhood road several times. They come down a hill, cross the street, and keep going.
Security officers for the neighborhood have seen the mountain lions, both outside, and on their monitors. Steve Thompson of Cheyenne Mountain Security says, "We'll see a couger walking back and forth at the bottom of the gates." Security officers are now keeping track of every sighting and have found other signs of the big cats. "We've found carcasses of racoons, coyotes, and foxes on the road and off the road," says Thompson.

The Department of Wildlife is not planning to move the mountain lions, but if they do attack a person, they would have to be destroyed. Mountain lions are more likely to be out hunting early in the morning or at dusk, but the lions here have been spotted at 10:00 in the morning. Securty officers want everyone to be careful, and say runners and walkers should carry a sturdy stick and an air horn.