Trailer Recovery

Authorities in El Paso County have combed through one of the largest theft operations they've ever seen.

Nearly 40 items, ranging from motorcycles to jet skis, trailers, and even dinosaur bones were discovered at Midway Ranch located off I-25 just north of the Pueblo County Line. The items were scattered over 35 acres of land. Lt. Cliff Northam says the total value is in the millions.

"We've taken no official tally but we're estimating 350 to half a million."

One man is under arrest and facing several charges. His name is Harry Justice and lives in a home on the property. He is the first suspect under arrest and authorities expect to make several more arrests.

An anonymous tip led to the discovery of all this property. The El Paso County Sheriff's Office will spend the next few days going through all of it. They expect to start contacting owners by Wednesday.