Murder Trial Underway

(Colorado Springs-AP) -- Jurors in the first-degree murder trial of a Peyton man accused in the shooting death of his wife have been shown a video depicting events leading up to, during and after the

Prosecutors say the man seen and heard on the tape is 56-year-old Dennis Harpin, a former El Paso County sheriff's deputy who is accused of killing his 47-year-old wife Sherilyn in May.

On the tape, a man is heard asking, ``Do you want me to shoot you right now?'' A gunshot is heard, and then the man is heard to say, ``OK, you're dead.''

Earlier on the video, Sherilyn Harpin is seen berating her husband and accusing him of beating her.

Harpin told detectives his wife committed suicide. An autopsy shows she died from a gunshot wound behind her right ear that went through her brain stem.