Street Racing

A scene of twisted metal Frriday night as five teenagers lose control of their vehicles while illegally street-racing.

Two cars were racing eastbound on Constitution Avenue Friday night around 7:15.

One car hit an electrical pole, knocking it down and knocking out the power in the area.

Three of the teenagers went to Memorial Hospital with minor injuries.

Police say it's another example of how street-racing is on the rise in Colorado Springs. And Sergeant Catherine Buckley says it, sometimes, has serious consequences.

"It's very dangerous. They're turning streets into a motor speedway.
Going 20 miles over the speed limit is not uncommon. They're weaving in and out of traffic and travelling at high speeds."

With the weather getting warmer, it only entices racers to put the pedal to the metal. But police say they're ready to take action.

The ticket for street-racing is 12 points on your driving record... comparable to a DUI. And it's enough to lose your license.