Back in Business

Coffee Mug

You could hear the cheering of donut fans all the way in Colorado Springs as the Donut Mill in Woodland Park opened its doors for the first time in nearly seven months.

One hundred twelve dozen donuts just weren't enough and sold out within a few hours. So, the store to close its doors 4 hours early.

The first customer satisfied his calorie fix at 5 a.m. and it was non-stop business after that.
An August fire forced a shutdown but, seven months later, owner Jack Heard says it's business as usual.

"The loyalty to the donut mill is just unbelievable. This wouldn't be true if we were a chain donut store or something like that. We're a hometown organization... a hometown store... and the hometown supports us just beautifully."

Donut-a-holics, you can rejoice. The Donut Mill will be open the rest of the weekend.