Townhome Fire

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Investigators say a two-alarm fire Tuesday morning at Quail Creek townhomes may have been caused by a tipped-over halogen light. And as a result, eight families are out of their homes, and now there's concern about asbestos.

The fire broke out around 9 AM in one unit of the 8-unit building. Fire heavily damaged or destroyed three of the homes.

It could be Wednesday before residents know how long they'll be displaced.
Hospital officials say a 27-year-old the mother was treated at the hospital for cuts. Her 20-month old daughter had 2nd degree burns to her face and was transferred to University Hospital in Denver. The fire apparently started in their unit.

The El Paso County Health Department says there is asbestos in the drywall tape of some of the units. That means the residents won’t be allowed back in until the extent of the contamination is known. Asbestos is a cancer-causing agent that was a popular insulation until it was outlawed in 1972---the same year Quail Creek was built.

The Red Cross is finding housing for the people that were burned out. Two of the eight families were out of town at the time of the fire.