Broadmoor Jewelry Theft

Colorado Springs Police are looking for man they say stole thousands of dollars of jewelry during a brazen heist. The man took watches and bracelets worth more than $11,000.

Police say the robbery happened on Saturday, February 7th at the jewelry store inside the Broadmoor Hotel.

Detectives have some good evidence to go on, including a good surveillance video that caught the thief in the act. The man went in and out of the store several times over the course of 45 minutes, which officers say is particularly brazen. He repteatedly told the clerk he was looking for a gift for his mother in-law, and was waiting for his wife to help make the selection. The entire time he was in the store he kept a coat over his arm to hide the fact he was picking the locks. And even as he walked out of the store with his stolen goods, he stopped to talk with the clerk for a few minutes.

Police say it appears the man was working alone and they don't believe he was staying at the hotel. And they add, they've already taken steps to prevent such a theft from ever happening agian, "we changed all the locks they are already changed you can't fit a pocket knife or any kind of instrument other than the key in it."

If you have any information about this heist, you are urged to call Crime Stoppers in Colorado Springs at 634-STOP or in Pueblo at 542-STOP.