Neither Rain Nor Snow...

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It’s the “bad weather” days when postal carriers really earn their money. No matter the weather, the mail must get through. On Friday, as the snow was still coming down, we followed a Colorado Springs mailman as he made his rounds.

"Rain, sleet or snow... yeah," chuckles Rodney Emmons. He’s been a letter carrier for the last four years. "It's not as bad as I thought it was gonna be out here today. I'd rather carry in this than the cold," he says.

Emmons says delivering the mail on “bad weather” days does offer challenges. "You can't walk as fast. You have to walk a little more cautiously because of the conditions."

But along with the bad conditions, he also has to deal with the usual obstacles. "She's yellin,' ‘Come in!’ But she's got a mean Rottweiler. There’s no way I'm going in."

For him, bad weather just comes with the territory, even as he trudges through the snow to deliver packages. But he says he wouldn't have any other job. "I'd much rather have an outside job than be at a desk all day.”

Emmons says when it snows, sometimes the semis full of mail can't get in from Denver and Albuquerque. So there's that much more mail to deliver when the weather improves.