Wintry Weather Returns

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Southern Colorado commuters battled some heavy, wet snow Friday morning. That prompted countless fender-benders, as drivers tried to negotiate the icy streets.

Both Colorado Springs and the Colorado State Patrol were on "Accident Alert." That means, if you're involved in a minor traffic accident and no drugs or alcohol were invovled, drivers should just exchange insurance information and report the crash at a later time.

The snow started falling on-and-off Thursday afternoon. By evening, it was more of a "slushfall" than a "snowfall." This time of year, Colorado's snow is often very wet, and it usually doesn't stick around for long. Another reminder---March and April are Colorado's snowiest months of the year.

By mid-morning on Friday, the sun was already poking through the clouds. But more periodic snow showers passed through during the afternoon. Warmer temperatures are on tap for the weekend. But first, we may have to weather some very strong winds.

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