Gas Prices on the Rise

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Gas prices are already rising in Colorado. They're not waiting for summer.

AAA Colorado spokeswoman Mary Greer says the upswing in prices might be the result of OPEC's plan to cut back on crude oil production. Greer says it's too early to tell whether prices will hit $2 a gallon this summer.

But Agbeli Ameko says it will happen. Ameko is with the energy forecasting firm Enercast in Denver.

AAA Colorado figured the average cost of regular unleaded gas in the state at a $1.59 a gallon last week. That's lower than last year, when it averaged $1.65.

Greer says the U.S. supply of gas is more diversified now than it
was during the gas crisis of the 70s. She says countries such as
Canada and Venezuela are pumping petroleum products into the United
States now.