Winter Fire Danger

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Even though we've seen quite a bit of snow this winter fire officials are still warning against the threat of wild fires.

Just three days ago snow blanketed most of southern Colorado, but as the snow melts and the sun comes out, the danger of brush fires drastically increases.

"With the right temp and a little bit of wind those fuels are drying out and losing their moisture and they are ready to burn," said Captain Tom Leland from the Colorado Springs Fire Department.

And it happened Saturday near I-25 and Sinton Road. A small brush fire broke out. Crews were able to put it out quickly just like they were last week, when a similar fire started out east near Falcon. Both serve as a good reminder though of all the dry fuels out there that can feed a fire.

"Grass, leaves, weeds, all the stuff that was present on trees in the fall is still there, it hasn't gone away, we haven't cleaned it up," said Leland.

And in an arid climate like ours it doesn't take much nice weather to make it ready to burn.

"We dry out so fast here, you always have to be cognizant of your surroundings," Leland said.

Fire officials say you should take all the necessary precautions this time of year when it comes to preventing fires just like you would during the summer.