Taking Precautions Againt Identity Theft

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Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the country. In fact, Colorado ranked 11th in the nation for such crimes in 2002.

So when a local woman raised concerns about giving personal information to a potential employer, Call For Action investigated.

Four months ago we told you about a Colorado Springs company called Divine Scents.

A Falcon woman told us she became worried after applying for a job, but then never getting it. She says she shared personal information with others during a group interview. But later, when she inquired about her paperwork, she says she was treated rudely.

"I called back to see if I could get my information back and they said they had thrown it away and then she hung up on me," says the woman, who did not want to be identified.

We visited Daphna Dorot, the person in charge of the Divine Scents office. We wanted to see if we could get the woman’s job application back. But Daphna said it had already been thown away. "Yeah, what I do with the information is… Ah, what we do is... Ah... Wrap it and we throw it away." That’s when we asked if she shreds these documents. "Do I shred it? I rip it up as much as I can," she said. Since the trash is simply tossed into a dumpster, we asked Daphna to get a shredder and she agreed.

Just before our first story aired, we called the company and was told a shredder had not been purchased. But we later learned that information was wrong. Daphna says she purchased a shredder the day after our visit and has been using it ever since.

The bottom line---Employers and job applicants should take every step to protect personal information. If you're interviewing for a job and are worried about sharing your information, don't be afraid to raise those concerns.