Colorado Kids Celebrate Seuss Birthday and Cat in the Hat Anniversary

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He's one of the greatest writers and illustrators of all time, and today events across the country celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday and the 50th anniversary of his first Cat in the Hat book.

Friday was also Read Across America Day, one of the nation’s largest reading events.

And what better way to promote reading than get together and read some of the Seuss classics.

“It went boom and oh boom what a boom,” reads Cat in the Hat.

The tale is classic.

“On his head are cats w,x,y, and, z.”

And just as popular years ago as it is today, on its 50th anniversary.

“Cat in the hat,” yelled one child at Friday’s event.

Dozens of kids celebrated by listening in at Colorado College, as the guest of honor read the words.

“Way up there!” She said.

And The Cat in the Hat anniversary wasn’t the only reason for celebration, Friday was also author, Dr. Seuss's birthday.

On this day of Seuss celebration, both the young, and young at heart remember the creative genius.

“What a crazy mind, but a crazy mind speaks to kids and adults as well,” said one of today’s Seuss celebration attendees.

Today would mark the 103rd birthday of Dr. Seuss.