Telemarketer Problems

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If you're on the Colorado No Call list, you're supposed to be protected. But a local senior says she is still being bothered by telemarketers. So she made a Call For Action.

"You feel like you've been trespassed on. It does upset me terribly when they call me like that." Margaret Teeter, age 77, says she has enough on her plate---dealing with health problems--to be bothered by pesky telemarketers.

"He says, you know, your credit information and financial information and all, is all over out here. He says people have gotten it from you and bought it and sold it and everything, and he said, ‘ I want to protect you from that.’" Margaret says the man asked for her credit card number so she could be protected with a $287 lifelong membership to the consumer benefit group National Fraud Hotline.

Margaret says she politely told him she wasn't interested. Besides, she was on the No Call list. But that apparently didn't phase him. "I said, ‘I don't have to talk to you.’ ‘Don't you hang up on me,’ he said."

Margaret eventually did hang up and called Call For Action. We did some checking and found she's been on the No Call list since 2002. So we filed a complaint for her online.

The company, Consumer Benefit Group is located in Mesa, Arizona. We're still waiting to hear if the state attorney general will take action against it. In the meantime, we learned Margaret had paid $289 to another Mesa, Arizona company four months earlier.

She says they called her. They say she called them. Nevertheless, it too was selling protection against identity theft. The company told our volunteer Maxine that K & K Financial had helped Margaret on countless occasions. But because of her financial situation, that company was willing to give her a full refund.

Margaret's family is now taking extra steps to protect her, like having passwords put on her accounts so they can't be accessed. And that's good advice, since seniors are often targeted for their good credit.

Officials in the state attorney general's office say after they receive three complaints against one company they take action. But Colorado consumers can always sue telemarketers themselves by taking them to small claims court.