Firefighters Will Go Back Into Castle West Apartments

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The Colorado Springs Fire Department has decided they will go back into the Castle West Apartment building to look for anything that wasn't destroyed by the fire.

Starting March, 7th fire officials will begin calling residents one by one and asking them to compile a list of things they believe may have survived the fire.

And hopefully by the end of the month their things will be back where they belong.

Former residents say it's been a roller coaster these past several weeks.

Many saying all they've wanted this whole time is a chance to get back some of their things.

Former resident Terry Moses says, "Awesome!"

Former resident Dale Nottelmann says, "My prayers are answered."

Nottelmann says he was worried his chance would never come.

"You're just going to, more or less, take everything away from us twice", says Nottelmann.

The week of March, 12th fire fighters will once again venture back into the scorched Castle West Apartments and this time to save personal belongings that survived wretched flames.

Fire official Dan Raider says, "It's part of our operations to help them retrieve their personal items, to stabilize their structures and to do anything that we can to make them whole."

Fire officials say recovered items will be tested first and only if they are safe will they be given to their rightful owner.

Victims say they'll take what they can get.

Moses says, "I have things in there that have been handed down in my family for generations."

Nottelmann tells us what he wants back. "Family pictures, our computers with our personal information on it."

Victims were hoping they could personally search their apartment but fire officials say the building is just too unstable.

Residents can call the fire department at, 719-385-5950, to have their names added to the list of people who want to see if they can get some of their personal belongings back.