Kobe Bryant Hearing

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The first handful of witnesses have shown up in Eagle to testify about the sexual past of Kobe Bryant's accuser.

Five women and two men were taken to an unused courtroom, where they will wait to testify behind closed doors. All appear to be in their 20s, which suggests they are acquaintances of the 19-year-old alleged victim.

The defense wants to know about her sexual history, saying it could back up their claim that she was injured by someone other than Bryant. Meanwhile, the woman's attorney says the defense’s claim, that she had sex with another man within 15 hours of being attacked, are “patently false.”

Bryant claims he had consensual sex with the woman. The Lakers star faces four years to life in prison, or 20 years to life on probation, if convicted of the felony sexual assault charge.

Bryant did not face his accuser in court Tuesday, as first planned. The judge postponed her appearance.