Bronze Tree Shooting Suspects Arrested

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Colorado Springs police made three arrests Tuesday in connection with the Bronze Tree Apartment shooting death over the weekend.

Twenty-year-old Leslie Brown was shot to death in her home early Saturday morning. A police investigation led to the arrests of two men and a woman, who now face charges of first degree murder. All three suspects were taken into custody without incident early this morning.

Twenty-nine-year-old Alfonso Scott and 24-year-old Jessica Bainum were arrested in the 600 block of North Swope Avenue. Eighteen-year-old Samuel Phillips was arrested in the 4000 block of San Miguel Street.

Police say the suspects and the victim were acquaintances, but they won't say how they knew each other, or what the motive was. Friends of the young mother are still shocked about her death. A single red rose has been placed at the door, where Brown was shot to death. Neighbors say she leaves behind two young children. “I'm hurt.. devastated... maybe even angry that this happened,” says Olebria Lassin, a neighbor of Brown.

The murder happened at the Bronze Tree Apartments around 4:30 a.m. on Saturday. Lassin says she thought someone was trying to get into her place, just minutes before she heard several shots. “I heard the gunfire,” she said. “After that, I heard people running down the hallway.” Lassin says it had been quiet that night. There were no loud noises, no parties, and no arguing or screaming.

Police say detectives developed information that led them to the three suspects. Lieutenant Rafael Cintron, of the Colorado Springs Police Department, says, “They were acquaintances. We’re still trying to determine what took place during those early morning hours.”

Lassin says she hopes police have the killers and that justice will be served. “I feel the authorities should deal with them, and deal with them harshly,” she said. Lassin says Brown was a nice person who helped her carry in groceries and offered her rides, because she didn't have a car.

Police are still investigating the case. They are waiting for Brown's autopsy results.